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Asked on 01.01.2018.

Ammonia Bicarbonate in Soda Crackers

What is the recommended quantity for whole wheat crackers?

Answered on 20.03.2018.

for soda cracker

no ammonium..

use sodium bicarbonate 0,6 %

Answered on 06.04.2018.

There are not same standard recommended quantities. You just use a hit and trial method from 0.4 to 0.6% and see where ever ur product settle down. Try to settle at low doses of ammonium bicarbonate as high dose will impact the texture and result in blisters.

Answered on 10.01.2018.

For whole wheat crackers (Graham Crackers) a dosage of 0,5% Ammonium Bicarbonate works fine.

Answered on 10.02.2018.

Andreas is right, it should not exceed 0,6% in most cases. Using whole grain normally impacts gluten development and thus stack heigh, so it is very usual that the amount for these types of biscuits are slightly higher, to attend the desired stack height. Just be careful with the ammonia released at the oven, it can be irritating for the people inside the plant. Also, make sure that you are not mixing alkaline and acid leavenings in the same emulsion forming stage, and try not to mix hot water and Ammonium bicarbonate at same stage as well.

Answered on 10.02.2018.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Answered on 20.03.2018.

Thank you, Beyhan.

Answered on 18.04.2018.

Mrs. Beyhan Ozenli,

Very interesting ``no Ammonium`` ?

Can you please share your understanding why only sodium should be used ?

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