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6 answers
Hello experts, exited to have peolple who can help me!   I am trying to make very thin crackers something like italian Sfoglie, with diferent toppings to flavor.  The dough is made with flour, potatoe flakes and potatoe starch, with water and oil.  I...
1 answer
Hello experts  Hope you are doing well  Please advise on the mixing time of the first stage, the creaming stage of malted milk biscuit via using a spiral mixer
6 answers
Hello every one, Now a days a trend is going on Biscuit industry that less usage of Invert syrup,Due to its Carciogen impact like Alkalamide (which comes from the reaction from amino acids and Maillard reactions "Reducing sugars". so i want to ask...
5 answers
Why sodium meadisulfide amount changes with the dough 
4 answers
Is there any replacement for color INS 102? Recently I saw INS 102 is bad for health
4 answers
I want to use same cutting roll that I have already purchased in a whole grain version of the same laminated biscuit that I already manufacture. Problem is that, due to whole grain, it is nor shrinking enough after cutting to match proper width, no m...
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