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5 answers
Hi Biscuit People, I saw a question here regarding the vanilla cream filling which was answered by Mrs. Beyhan. I've tried her recipe but I resulted in a filling with starchy mouthfeel (I used corn starch). Although I liked the consistency of it....
3 answers
Hi All Group Members  Please can you suggest me which kind of food grade acid  can possible to used for flavor enhancing. I used malic acid for Orange filling  alone with citric and ascorbic. I need to know for the banana type fat filling .   
5 answers
Which is best sandwiching machin and highest speed sandwiching machine? Share ur experiences.  
5 answers
Hi,I hope someone could kindly share the recipe for vanilla cream filling, the type used for Oreo cookies.Thanks.
3 answers
What is the maximum amount of soy lecithin that is acceptable in a sandwich cream filling, without impacting cream fat crystallization?
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