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Asked on 17.05.2022.

Water migration in cream filled puff pastry

Hi i'm making some mini puff pastry rolls filled with cream, the filling cream is made 50% fat, 47% sugar and 3% flavor.      But in a time lapse of one week , the pastry roll turns wet and the filling cream is missed.   Any advice?  

Answered on 21.05.2022.


You mention water migration is causing the pastry to become wet but the ingredients you mentioned which make up the filling don't appear to to contain water.

Could you clarify that the fat you are using doesn't contain any water (its not margarine !). In addition how is the product wrapped and stored (what temperature and is it wrapped in moisture barrier film).

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 25.05.2022.

This could be because of the fat spesification for the cream filling . However there is no water in filling , fat also can migrate from the filling in case of fats non-balancing level inside dough and filling .

1- true type fat to be used ; dont use lower SFC fat , avoid olein liqudity level

2- make a balancing for fat inside filling and dough as much as you can 

3- avoid to dose cream while pastry is above 32 C , and do not dose cream if it is more than 27 C

Answered on 27.05.2022.

Hello Ruben

I believe that Andrew and Fathi answers will help you to solve the issue, but I'd also suggest:

- that you check for the filling's sugar particle size. Smaller sugar particles tend to bind fat better, due to increased contact surface. 

- check the type os flavor vehicle that you are using, since 3% seem quite a considerable amount. I'd recommend that you avoid hydrophilic carrier types, or use powder flavor instead. 

- use a good emulsifier in the cream, if you have low SFC fat, or some water in its composition (the best would be avoiding any water content, as stated in previous answers). That may help binding these.



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