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Asked on 22.01.2023.

Waffle cone inflated

Hello, we are producing wafle cones 160mm in length in an automatic 37 mould oven on the rate of 1300- 1500 cones per hour. We have a problem that some of the wafers tend to get inflated as soon as the mould opens after cooking. This makes the wafle cone more fragile than the rest. This only happens in the wafle cone oven; the rest of the ovens are ok

Does anyone has deal with this ?

Answered on 28.04.2023.

Hi Bernando 

Good day hope you are fine, to solve this problem we need more information what's make the wafle cone tend to get inflated. When its inflated right after the mould open, the texture become soft or brittle because its very dry.

Based on my experience if the rest of product is fine its mean nothing wrong with the formulation if you used the same formulation for all automatic wafle oven. So, we need to investigate more in the processing parameter which we used such as consistency of the waffle batter which is baked, time and temperature baking. Ensure that the you used the right consistency of waffle batter with the addition right amount of water, used cold water to prevent baking soda or baking powder 'work' before its baked and dont add to much water it will be make the wafle texture become soft after baking process 

Adjust time and temperature baking based on consistency of wafle batter. If you have right consistency of batter I think you can used existing temperature and time baking which usually you are used. The right consistency similar with pancake batter. But if the batter too thin or too thick you must adjust time and temperature baking. Try to monitor consistency of the waffle batter using equipment and also monitor moisture of wafle cone result. It will help you to know what is the problem and how to solve it. 

I hope it will help you, have a nice day 


Answered on 28.04.2023.

the inflation is right after the mould opens we make batches of 44 kgs of flouer and the tendency is that after the 3rd batch the problem starts, and it is not on all the baking plates just in some, we are dealing with the problem applying a little bit of palm oil on the upper part of the mould ( the one that tends to stick) and they would work fine for a couple of hours, the  problem we only have it en the waffle cone  and not in the industrial size one with a flat top 

thank you 
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