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Asked on 02.09.2018.

Wafer Vs Biscuit Products

what is main difference between wafer and biscuit product from recipe point of view and equipment point of view? what methods are different in both and what kind of packaging machines difference. 

Answered on 07.09.2018.

Is this a serious question ??   

Answered on 14.09.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

I did answer your question but it appears not to have uploaded.

Anyway I see that you have a copy of Duncan Manley's book so you can find the answer to your question in there.  

For anyone else, a google search will quickly take you to the link for this book which provides a good summary of wafer production rather than attempting to summarise the differences between wafer and biscuit making in this forum.



Answered on 17.09.2018.

Dear Aurangzeb,

Clearly my answer has upset you so can I start by saying that was not my intention nor was I being disrespectful.    I have seen many of your responses offering help to people with specific problems or questions and I'm sure they are appreciated.

In some instances people ask questions to start a debate or promote a product or equipment type and I am not inclined to answer those questions and that was why I asked if your original question was serious.  

 I did respond to you suggesting that you would get the generalised information from Manley's book but for whatever reason that message seems not to have uploaded.    I then saw a later response from you on a separate question where you referenced Manley's book.  Hence my later comment .    In my view it can be more helpful and timely to reference a particular publication rather than attempt to answer in great detail in this forum.

I hope someone else is able to answer your question better than I could.



Answered on 07.09.2018.

Dear John yes it's a serious question...

Answered on 15.09.2018.

Dear John, Let me clarify something every question posted here is not a small question. if i added a question that means i need guidance from experts. whether they can guide some valuable points. the book yyou mentioned i know that book but that book miss some practical points related to the question, idea is to get some practical answers which i can use. i also answer many basic nature questions which are very normal questions but i didn't answer the way you are doing here.

This is a professional plateform every question have a meaning and each answer/question should be respected.

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