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Asked on 18.07.2022.

Wafer sticks (wafer flutes) recipe


Can anybody suggest a good wafer sticks book has a good recipe and some information on how to run the machine?

Thank you

Answered on 19.07.2022.

Hi Jack.

I have developed and produced various types of wafers including the wafer stick or flutes you mentioned (baked on a drum). I also have a book on wafers written by Karl F. Tiefenbacher, called THE TECHNOLOGY OF WAFERS AND WAFFLES which contains information and recipes on wafer sticks.

There are different types of baking drums available some heated by gas and some electric so conditions for running the equipment may be different. its also possible to make both filled and unfilled sticks on the same equipment with the filling done whilst the sticks are being formed

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 20.07.2022.

Together with Andrew Huges suggestion, I suggest you to ask information talking to AIB - American Institute of Baking. They have a lot of material to provide.

Answered on 20.07.2022.

By the way, have you seen this article here?

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