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Asked on 08.12.2022.

Wafer Cream Consistency - How to Get Heavier, and Harder Cream?

Our wafer cream is light, (s.g. 0.9) (we are mixing the cream with a beater in a planetary mixer) and soft. 

We would like to get a cream with totally different eating quality. Please advise how we can get heavier, and harder cream.


Answered on 08.12.2022.

You want to have a harder cream during dosing or harder in storage (which temperature?).

Possibly you can try a harder fat or use more sugar or other dry material
Answered on 08.12.2022.

You can decrease speed and mixing time to get heavier cream.  Some producers use melted fat and also you can try harder fat or you can reduce amount of fat in recipe. 

Which of the above can you test first?

Answered on 14.12.2022.

Hi Daniel,

Just to add into the equation: if hardness from a stability point of view you could also consider spray dried glucose syrup of lower DE or maltodextrin. I have come across a few clients that used starch, but it effects the texture too much.

Answered on 09.12.2022.


I agree with Kata and Gabrie. If you use melted fat, cream will be prone to better crystallization, thus resulting in a harder filling. If is not possible to melt fat, then I'd try a less soft fat. You could also decrease fat content, reduce lecithin amount (if used), and include some milled wafer rework or other powder to increase solid content. 
Answered on 12.12.2022.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

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