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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 19.04.2018.

Wafer Biscuit thickness

I have a 1980 model hebenstreit 30 plates oven. It was making wafer sheets which were undercooked in the middle. I tightened the 5 adjustment  screws on the top plate and that has disturbed calibration. Sheets are now of uneven thickness and parts of sheet are undercooked. 

How can i calibrate the plates to get uniform thickness and completely cooked Biscuit. If somebody has and old technology wafer oven user manual for hebenstreit or haas Oven then that would also be great. 

Answered on 20.04.2018.

plz eleborate ur question are u facing problem in biscuit or waffer? ur question is not fully understandable.

Answered on 25.04.2018.


ıf u need wafer consultant.. I would suggest a person to u . she knows the haas oven well...  you want to produce standart wafer sheet or dutch waffle biscuit? Im not at all..

Answered on 14.05.2018.


Are you an engineer for this machine or production engineer?, i had experience with old hebenstreit once but i'm not sure about the year (still running until now). i guess it had similar system

1. Machine condition is it still in original construction or had been modifi?

2. Did you just buy this machine?because from your question, seems like you had no experience with this machine?for manual book it's only tell you about how to run this machine and maintenance, i did not see it tells about how to make a perfect wafer product

let me tell you about my experience handle this machine, maybe you can find a clue there, because we had similar problem with the product. Start from the back (for me packaging are front area)

1. I studied the wafer formula, viscosity, particle size, how many % water, product temp before they in baking process

2. Before we use this machine, first try to know this machine characteristic. as far as i know, every machine had different charactarestic even though they are made in the same time and brand.

3. Tried to use feeler gauge in every backing plate to adjust 5 bolt screw, depent on wafer thickness that you want to make. Make sure the nozzle where the product come are spread equal in baking plate. My last baking plate setting, but maybe it's not the same for you

   Hinge             bolt x,a (4,3)                           bolt x,b (4,4)

                                             bolt x,c(5,2)

                          bolt x,d (4,3)                           bolt x,e (4,4)

4. Make sure the burner in correct position and had correct mixing (fuel and air), so the heat can spread out flat in each baking plate

5. Measure the heat in each baking plate, when they in top area and bottom area

6. Adjust the oven speed and baking time, they both must sincronize.

actually there is lot of parameter in this process, i suggest that you work together with R&D team. So you can find the perfect product in baking process and product colour

Good luck, 

note : sorry my misspell in vocabulary : )

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