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Asked on 08.12.2022.

How to Slower Down the Hydration of Dough?

Dear All,

We are facing problem in our soft dough biscuit at Moulding area (hydration of soft dough is so fast that way, discharge of dough at Moulding is less and rejection ratio is high)

Our soft dough biscuit has less vegetable shortening.

Process control from our side to pass the soft dough biscuit is as follows,

  1. We are using cold water ( atmosphere temp is high) so that friction factor will minimize
  2. Increased the moulding speed so that standing time will be less
  3. Baking time 4.10 min

Kindly advice how to slower down the hydration of dough.(by adding any chemical or by process control)

Rejection is high

Yield is less

We can not add more fat because of cost.

Pl advice.

Accepted answer
Answered on 08.12.2022.

The information you share with us is not much. 

From it I was only able to understand that the amount of fat you use in the recipe is low.

 Therefore, I can give you a general answer based on what is common in the soft biscuit industry (molding). 

In biscuits of this type, it is recommended to avoid as much as possible the addition of water, and therefore one of the technologies that helps is the addition of syrup (about 50% sugar), preferably cold. 

The sugar in the syrup delays the hydration of the flour. 

In addition, it is highly recommended to prepare the dough in stages: first stage softening the fat, second stage adding the rest of the ingredients except for the phosphates and flour. The third step is the addition of the flour. The third kneading time will be until you get a crumbly dough that is easy to feed into the molder hopper.

BR and success 

Doron Golschiener

Answered on 08.12.2022.

Your question leaves a lot to the imagination of what is occurring and why . Without knowing the recipe and product type and mixing instructions I can only guess at this point . 

1. I see your using cold water but if you can use warmer water which will allow you to reduce quantity of water while still getting a machinable dough 

2 . Are you over mixing the dough or using an abundance of enzymes , yeast or meta bisulfite in the dough ? Both factors could give you a more machinable dough when balanced correctly. 

3 . Is your flour too strong and do you have available to you  a soft wheat type flour with lower water absorption and starch damage that could help with dough consistency .softer flour generally has lower water absorption capabilities which will help reduce dependency on added water and ease bake time requirements. Hopefully your wheat and flour has a good falling number and no sprouting has occurred with this wheat 

4. Are you able to measure the dough rheology to understand and quantify how the dough changes over time? 

Answered on 09.12.2022.

Hello, I don't know if I understand correctly, but if you are having problems with dough piece release, I'd raise the dough temperature a little bit, and increase lecithin amount. Using oil instead of fat also helps dough piece releasing from mold, but it needs oxidative stability and baked biscuit may become thinner.  Inverted sugar may help to decrease hydration, but in excess, it causes piece to stick to mold. I would recommend playing with these factors, maybe using experimental design. 

Answered on 10.12.2022.

Dear All,

Thanks for reply

Dear; Denimeco casson

Pl check the recipe as well as specs of biscuit flour

Recipe is ( 8% vegetable shortening, Sugar 20 kgs ,invert syrup 7 kgs,lecithin 350 grams and Smbs 200 grams)

Flour specs :falling number sec: 348

Wet gluten : 29.4

Dry : 9.75

Gluten index: 97.2

Moisture : 13.79

For 100 kgs of flour we are using 11.5 liter of water.(water absorption is 58.4)

@ Doron Golschiener : based on your suggestion we did it ) but 60% was well deposited and remaining 40% we faced same issue like before(unable to pass and rejected from moulding machine)

@ Dear Jose (PL CHECK OUR RECIPE FORMULATION AND ADVICE) (Because my input and output ratio record is at lower side because of rejection from Moulding machine.

We will appreciate

This question is resolved.
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