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Asked on 11.01.2021.

Seeking a mechanical icing solution

I have a small production facility (260 sq ft), turning out 1,000 biscuits per day. It's just me and I have automated the mixing, moulding and bagging, but icing is still done by hand dipping.

The biscuits are currently 80mm round and 10mm in depth, but they will ultimately change to 70mm hexagons and 6mm in depth.

Ideally I'm looking for a table top solution, to ice the biscuits faster. They come out of a 10 shelf oven on 18x30" trays.

Is anyone familiar with ways to automate icing, to speed up production and reduce or remove repetitive manual tasks, but don't require a large conveyor belt system?

Answered on 12.01.2021.

Hi Michael,

You should talk to these guys:

Answered on 12.01.2021.

Hi Jos,

Thank you. I spoke to them last year and visited a factory in Ireland with one of their table top icing machines. Unfortunately it had a number of design flaws which made operating it surprisingly manual and inefficient. The company who owned it were selling it for a bigger inline solution but for £15,000 they weren't that impressed either.

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