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Asked on 31.07.2019.
Rotary moulder product in hybrid oven (dgf/convection)

Hello everyone... lately I find it a little difficult to find a correct cooking diagram when I have to cook a rotary moulder product with the first 2 or 3 zones dgf; it does not develop well and I am forced to overturn a classic diagram like the rotary without finding ... Do you have to change the dough or work with different temperatures and steam? I always prefer to look for new settings of the oven without changing the dough, but lately I do not find satisfactory results...

Answered on 06.08.2019.

absolutely.. u have to change your baking profile minor adjustment according to your recipe of cookies.. to get right the color.. the diameter.. thickness.. cracking effect.. u have to change your diagram.. but not so much... 

ıf u has to change the diagram so big difference.. so may be u have a problem on you oven measurement sytem.. pls contact with your oven supplier..

Answered on 11.09.2019.

Dear Sir,

Baking short dough variants with dgf and hybrid oven is really a small challenge.  As short dough variant containing more fat it always case hardens in initial zones and may be you get stack length less than what desired and biscuit also becomes hard.  So if it is hybrid oven keep the baking time as short as possible and do little baking in dgf section and more baking in indirect or radiation chambers. if it is fully dgf you need to keep the very low temperature for eg if it is a 250 feet oven then start the initial zone with 200/180 like that and increase the temperature as it is required.  Please try and let me know....

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