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Asked on 16.08.2018.

Printers and Coders used in Biscuits industry

Hi Dear All Members

Please I need to know according to your experience , which type of printers and corders are best for the bakery industry. Actually what I need , cost effective, less maintenance type , waiting from your valuable comments .  

Answered on 16.08.2018.

Respected Mr Rasika,

Thermal coders are better in terms of less maintenance, print quality and ease of use.

They can be applied online easily and give good results. They are bit expensive than inkjet printers but very convenient in use. If you say I can send you different models which we are using with their suppliers details.

Moreover laser printer quality is far better than the above but expensive expenditure cost initially but print quality is soo better and prominent.

Answered on 16.08.2018.

According to me TTO (Thermal Transfer Overpints) is the best and economical way to be used in biscuit industry.  It is less expensive than inkjet printers and maintenance easy, easy to operate and easy to change the code.  So good manufacturers are there in this category like videojet, markem etc.,

If you want to print off line and on line then inkjet will be useful to be used in both way.

Answered on 26.11.2019.

Dear Rasika, please contact our company Procys (, we'd be happy to show you our inkjet printing solutions. We can print on 2 colors made with natural food ink:

- brown from caramel

- red from beetroot

We're based in France and we develops, designs and builts tailor-made automated industrial equipment for the food industry. We'd be happy to offer you a cost effective, less maintenance type of machine as we make very unique solutions. Contact us!

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