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Asked on 03.09.2022.

Oven band selection

In the same tunnel oven if we want to make cookies and short dough/moulded biscuit, which oven band is generally suggested?

Accepted answer
Answered on 05.09.2022.

Hi Tarik

Rotary moulded biscuits can be produced on either a wire mesh oven band or a solid steel band with the wire mesh offering some benefits over the steel band such as: 

  • No cavities in the biscuit base (hollow backs) as the steam can escape through the wire
  • Improved size control as biscuits baked on a steel band tend to flow which may cause problems if the biscuits are used for cream sandwiching.

Wire cut or deposited cookies can only be baked on a solid steel oven band as the dough is very soft and  would sink into the wire band during the first part of baking resulting in difficulties with release from the band after baking.

In addition the texture and shape of wire cut cookies is achieved by the dough pieces flowing on the oven band and this flow would be restricted on a wire baking band.

With these issues in mind a solid steel band is the best option.

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 05.09.2022.

Dear Tarik,

It seems like a solid or why not a perforated steel band would be your best option. But with this said; what kind of equipment do you have as per now?

Are you planning using an existing oven?

To change between mesh and solid/perforated band requires changes regarding belt support such as drums, tracking equipment etc. 

Best regards


Answered on 05.09.2022.

Hi Tarik,

Some more input.

Good luck with your project.


Answered on 06.09.2022.

Dear Mr Tarik

For high end variety of cookies with more than 20% fat and less water and cookie is wire cut or dropped it is preferred with solid steel band.  

Other short dough varieties with moulder it is suggested to go with articulated Z steel wire band is preferred.  Obviously the reason already told by Mr. Andrew.  You will not get the wire cut cookies texture in articulated Z wire band.  

Answered on 06.09.2022.

Hi Tarik,

If by deposited biscuits you mean the "piped" type, these can definitely only be made on a solid steel baking band. Deposited doughs are softer than wire cuts and flow a lot in the oven which gives the biscuit its shape and texture. Baking these products on a wire band would prevent flow and result in crumb sticking in the mesh band 

As I mentioned earlier moulded biscuits such as digestives or sandwich cream shells can be made on either solid steel or wire bands but when baking on a solid steel band its important to ensure that the rotary moulder shells have adequate docker pins and the pins are large enough in diameter so they don't close up during baking. This will prevent steam being trapped under the dough piece which can cause cavities in the biscuit base.

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 06.09.2022.

We are planning to buy new line with the facilities of cookies(wire cut and deposited cookies) and moulded biscuit (digestive, energy and sandwich biscuit). 

In that case what type of oven band is suitable for both type of biscuit or cookies in single oven.

Answered on 06.09.2022.

Hello Tarik

You can use a solid steel band for both, but dough for rotary moulded cannot be above 7.0 or  7.5% water content, otherwise you will have cavities under the dough piece.  Also, do not use pre-heating when baking rotary moulded biscuits, and use minimal leavening powder amount.

But, if your cookie (what I assume is a wirecut biscuit) has low fat content and no chocolate chips, a wire mesh band could also be used, since it does not stick too much to the band after baking, otherwise it will break on transfer knife or leave residues on the band.


Answered on 06.09.2022.

This listing is borrowed from IPCO.

It’s a guidance.

Works for most people.

Best regards/Staffan

Answered on 13.09.2022.

Hello Tarik,
Mr. Karlsson was unable to upload a picture due to some technical difficulties, so the picture below refers to his answer.

Best regards

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