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Asked on 14.12.2017.

Orange cream recipe for wafer biscuit

Can any body suggest me the recipe of orange cream for sandwich wafer biscuit? 

Answered on 27.12.2017.

I am giving for 50kgs batch

Corn startch:1.5kgs

lawn sugar around 100 micron:  30 kgs

interesterified Fat  18kgs

lecithin 0.2kgs

essence: 0.2kgs.

colour sunset yellow and tartrazine;  as per your country food colour rules and regulations.

when you are preparing make a paste of all the ingredients except sugar and add sugar at last.

Answered on 30.12.2017.

if you are looking for a richer recipe, you may try this combination,

SUGAR POWDER           32.5

FAT                                   14.5

MILK POWDER                  2.4

GLYCERINE                    104 gm

LECITHIN                        126 gm

CITRIC ACID                     10 gm

SALT                                 3.25 gm


                         SUNSET YELLOW       5 gm

                          TARTRAZINE              5 gm

                          PONCEAU 4 R         0.5 gm


Answered on 20.03.2018.

powder sugar...45

veg. fat...30

native corn starch...15


beta carothen-oil soluble...1

orange powder...0,1

orange flavour...0,3

soya lecithin...0,1

citric acid...0,07

carmine (oil soluble)...0,02

Answered on 15.08.2018.


you can use this, beside this if you need any help pls contact me

my LinkedIn profile is

Ingridents %
Sugar 34.91%
Dextrose Powder 26.60%
Shortening- 36-37 ⁰C MP 37.57%
Lecthin 0.50%
Citric Acid 0.07%
Orange Flavor 0.27%
Lake sunset yellow (E-110) 0.09%
Total 100.00%
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