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Asked on 29.09.2017.

Natural alternatives for gluten modification in biscuit doughs

What would be the best natural alternatives to SMS, L-cysteine, enzymes for wheat flour gluten modification in hard biscuit dough processing ?

Answered on 03.10.2017.

Dear Mr. Zivanovic, 

It will depend on the rest of your processing, but the simplest two are:

- diluting the gluten by starch (and depending on the type of starch you can add different functionalities as well

- lubricating the gluten by increading the fat and/ or emulsifier(s)

Another one, somehow more complex will be using fermentation techniques to change the behaviour of your flour.

Answered on 03.10.2017.

Dear Mr. Zivanovic,

I did it one trail for Cream Cracker type biscuits ,in my early career with high concentration of Pineapple Juice , which has Proteolytic enzymes (Bromelain) alone with natural ascorbic acid.

Rasika Ekanayake 

Answered on 04.10.2017.

You can use below materials or physical methods for biscuit dough.

- Ascorbic acid

- Microbial enzyme (especially fungal protease enzyme)

-Soy flour

- Milk and its products

-physical methods: such as change  mixing time and speed and temperature. 

-using fermentation 

Answered on 06.10.2017.


It depend the technology and type of product : the size of correction that you need to provide

you can use gluthation which is a natural amino acid that we find in a desactived yeast which works like reductor and extensibilize the gluten. Nartive Starch is also an option for dilution and decrease gluten strenght.

In an other hand you can play on recipe to decrease it : sugar and fat are the traditionnal ingredient to be able to decrease strenght of gluten , source of natural protease ...

And process with mixing condition : less water available for gluten : make a continue phase and blend water with sugar that you decrease water availability for gluten

Answered on 21.11.2017.

In hard biscuit forming line if you want to reduce the gluten formation on natural ingredients it is not so easy.  Even you do it processing will through machines will be tough.

The natural way it try whole wheat flour than wheat flour.  If you want to use only wheat flour then use more fat and add some percentage of Bran and startch.( will affect the taste)

Give less mixing time and reduce the process time as any standing time will promote gluten development.

and finally better to use vertical mixing than horizontal or sigma blade mixers.


Answered on 30.12.2017.

For getting a same texture in an already established quality (brand) hard dough biscuit, I do not think you can try a different recipe and you should not, in my opinion. For a good texture you have to form the gluten structure and that is the main aim for hard dough biscuit.

If you are facing the problem of `dough too tough or soft`, you should first look at your quality of flour as it is better to choose a flour which will not result to that extent.
In my opinion you should,
1. Go for Flour with low gluten % with high quality etc. for avoiding very hard gluten issue.
2. Check the behavior on cutting line and oven, by varying the standing time before processing.
3. Avoid over mixing.

If you are at the recipe developing stage, all the above suggestions from our group people are excellent. Dilution of gluten by starch, excess sugar/ fat, reduction of water, reduction of contact time of wheat flour with water, adjusting the standing time, dough temperature etc.

I can suggest you another way of processing a low gluten flour with some % of gluten replacer like, gums and seeds. There are different gums and seeds which are providing very near characteristics.

Answered on 07.03.2018.

Hi Dragan
You can use a combination of Protease and Xylanase enzyme. You can use each at a dosage of 80-120 ppm based on dry flour. This increases the extensibility behavior of the dough by conditioning the dough. You can decrease SMS step by step. It will also depend upon the quantity of the shortening in the dough. Shapeit and Panzea are the enzymes by Novozymes that can be used. I have been using these enzymes for years as they improve crispiness, texture and the baking color of the product too.

Answered on 18.04.2018.

plz look at that information. you can find the alternatives enzymes usages  for example proteases  instead of SMS

Enzymes in Food Technology

editör: Robert J. Whitehurst,Maarten Van Oort

look at page 152 and 153...

you can find the content from internet..

Answered on 26.07.2018.

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