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Asked on 02.06.2022.

Looking for caramel suppliers for wafers

Hi Biscuit People,

I have a question for you.. Which raw material suppliers are the best if I want to make wafers with low water activity caramel filling? 

Thank you in advance

Answered on 06.06.2022.

Hi Sara

Bakels Ingredients manufacture  a range of caramel fillings for sale to the baking industry for filling into pastries, cakes and biscuits. One of their range is described as a low  water activity caramel but they don't list the water activity.  Even with a low water activity caramel if it is used to layer in-between wafers there is always some moisture migration from the filling to the wafer resulting in the wafers becoming chewy. 


Andrew Hughes

Answered on 08.06.2022.

Hi Andrew,

thank you for your answer, it was very useful.

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