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Asked on 01.07.2019.

Lecithin substitute for gluten free lat wafer sheets


Does anyone know of an alternative to lecithin used in flat wafer batters  beside the usage of egg yolk or Magnesium carbonate or Magnesium stearate? The addition of lecithin to the batter prevents the wafer sheet from sticking to the iron plates. Sometimes addition of egg yolk helps, but I can't use it. The addition of Magnesium carbonate or stearate did not prove itself for a long period of time, eventually the wafer sheets stuck to the iron plates.

Wafer batter recipe is simple, no sugar use, only nativ potato starch , Coconut oil, leavening agents  some salt and water.

What else can be done?

Thank you


Answered on 06.08.2019.

I do not know how much coconut oil you use. In principle coconut oil works as antisticking or release agent. Did you try a higher level?

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