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Asked on 09.12.2018.

Laboratory Equipment

Dear All Group Members

I need to know the best solution for packet leak detection method  for biscuits and chocolate industry.  If you know any commercial brand or names please let me know .  


Rasika Ekanayake 

Answered on 18.12.2018.

plz study this artical.

Answered on 09.12.2018.

pls review that page...

Answered on 10.09.2019.

Hello Rasika,

I invite you to look this short video :

Answered on 12.02.2020.

Dear Rasika,

Before complicating your life on airtight packages, please analyze what protection your product really requires. I suggest reading the article of Jos Vast on shelf life. In the first position is Water Activity. Aw under 86% inhibits bacterial growth, under 70% mould growth and under 60% yeast growth is inhibited. Key question: what the Aw of your product is.

Second question, where do you sell. If the geographical area where you sell has a low humidity, Changes of the Aw through absorption is no issue. Is you sell into areas of high humidity, you have to protect your product accordingly. In this matter, the permeability of the film has a much bigger influence than a micro pore in the seal may have.

All the in the answers suggested methods are destructive and are based on samples. The issue with flexible packaging is that due to small changes in film, product width or height, wrinkles may appear and disappear without you capturing this due to the time between taking samples. Therefore, a continuous in line system is preferred as this captures these variations. I know only one method for inline control and that is Engilico Sealscope. I know it works on horizontal flow-wrap machines with a box motion cross seal system, VFFS machines and horizontal pouch machines. I have not seen it on machines with rotating sealing systems.

As an independent consultant I have no relation with any company but give my advice based on many years in the business.

The other mentioned systems are especially suitable for MAP packs, mostly for protein products and are also used for bakery products with cream or with a very high Aw, generally gas flushed packs.

Jacob van Kogelenberg

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