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Asked on 12.11.2018.
Kevlar Baking Belts

I have baked Cakes, Biscuits and Crackers on a Tygaflor PTFE Coated belt many years ago and lately baked Cereal Bars on a Kevlar Baking Belt

Has anyone experience of Kevlar Baking Belts and if so, why is there a reluctance to optimise this Technology.

George W Wright
Answered on 03.12.2018.

pls review that page

Answered on 13.11.2018.

Hi George,

I've seen these used as an emergency measure a couple of times.   Problem is they tend to narrow very quickly . 6 weeks or so on a high speed biscuit oven making Rotary Moulded product.

Not seen any evidence that they would be a long term solution but that's only my experience.  Sounds like you have been more successful so perhaps you could share some more detail.



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