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Jaffa Cake
Hello everyone. Can somebody share the tested recipe and method of preparation and application of Orange jelly for Jaffa Cakes ? Will really appreciate your support.
E-learning Food Bakery Entrepreneurship Development course by APO Japan.
E-learning Food Bakery Entrepreneurship Development course by APO Japan.
An Informative course for people interested to start bakery business.
Training in Food Bakery Entrepreneurship Development
Training in Food Bakery Entrepreneurship Development
This e-learning course has been developed by myself on behalf of APO Japan. Anybody can participate free of cost.
Food technologist
We have some new plans and we are looking for an external technological help. Do you know anybody who would be willing to come to our premises and provide a consultancy? We are producing she...
How to apply sodium metabisulfite as a preservative agent on biscuits?
Hello I'm babacar from Senegal,west Africa. I'm looking forward to start a biscuit business so I wanna know how to apply sodium metabisulfite as a preservative agent on busc
Regarding the recipe.
Hello great people. My biscuit company is in Nepal. Here the price of biscuit matters more than the quality. So i was wondering if you guys can help me by sending some cheap recipe of biscuits and wra...
Short dough with oil
How can I achieve same stack height and texture when replacing solid shortening for oil in short dough (rotary moulded biscuits)?
Shrinkage of the dough
Shrinkage of the dough after chipping why Hi Fatih need Scientific answer I spoke about the strength of gluten (meaning what is the strength alone is enough to be a cause in shrinking ) The othe...
Natural alternatives for gluten modification in biscuit doughs
What would be the best natural alternatives to SMS, L-cysteine, enzymes for wheat flour gluten modification in hard biscuit dough processing ?
enzyme raised cracker referance recipe
I' searching the enzyme raised carcker recipe? 
Recipe for Rotary Moulder
Hi Everyone, we have recently bought a Rotary Moulder machine from Nielsen we do not have much expertise on working recipes for this machine can i request anyone to please suggest me some recipes f...
Golden fish crackers
Dear all; Any can help me with recipe for gold fish crackers?
Waheed Ahmad
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21 March 2017
A Qualified Food Technologist and Biscuits/Bakery Development Specialist/Trainer in the development of Biscuits, Crackers and long shelf life cakes. Have extended services to companies in South Africa...