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Asked on 30.06.2018.

Fruit Flavour - Cream

Hi All Group Members 

Please can you suggest me which kind of food grade acid  can possible to used for flavor enhancing. I used malic acid for Orange filling  alone with citric and ascorbic. I need to know for the banana type fat filling .   

Answered on 04.07.2018.

I made so many fat based creams for biscuit or wafer inside.. for citrus fruits forexample orange lemon etc.. you can use citric acid.. for apple u can use malic acid.. for cheese  u can use lactic acid.. but banana is netral taste so u dont need any extra citric taste I think.. but if u still want to use any acid. U can prefer citric acid. But choose its monohydrate form.. ie.. citric acid monohydrate .. it is very fine form dont take its particule size in your mount easily.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

amyl acetate is banana oil .. u can also use it to enhance the banana taste ..

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