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Asked on 04.04.2019.

Dear All Group Members 

Please can possible to advise , how to replace the Milk  Butter & Cocoa Powder  totally from the law cost Short Dough type biscuits for mass market production . 



Answered on 09.04.2019.

Dear Rasika, if i understand correct there is three ingredients you would like to replace? I can highly reccomend, that for milkpowders (SMP/SWP) with a highly purified Whey Permeate. At AFI we are starting to promote our fantastic Whey permeate that comes with 85-90% lactose in crystalized format, this means you will have good free flowing powder properties. It goes really easy as a 1:1 substitution and is really a straight forward cost reduction. 

It works !


Answered on 11.04.2019.

Thanks Christian , for your answer , please share with me your contact number to the below whatsapp number . +233 54 819 5275

Answered on 11.04.2019.

ıf u want I can sens some flavor samples for u.. cacao replacer flavor.. u can use instead of cacao. u can use carob powder or roased wheat powder etc.. 

and also milk butter.. u can use milm butter flavor + hyd. veg fat combination for low cost

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