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Asked on 11.04.2019.
Flavour suggestions

Dear All Members

Please advise to me if you have any experience about EMD in bakery products ( Enzyme modified dairy ) 



Answered on 11.04.2019.

pls contact me  about it. my company is Aromsa flavor company which I work and we have these type of flavor portfolia

Answered on 28.05.2019.

Hi! I have tried enzyme modified dairy products for cream filling application and semi-sweet biscuit application. In cream filling, the dosage starts at 0.05% based on total weight, it enhances overall taste or flavor delivery, increases creaminess, gives full body and gives a lingering taste. They are bake-stable and very good to use in-dough and effective even at low dosage. They can be declared as artificial flavors.

I suggest to compare EMD from different suppliers to better assess and compare its effect on your product. Some suppliers have EMD based on the profile that you want, whether enhancing chocolate, milk or cheese which means its very specific in terms of application. I have only tried variations from two suppliers which serves as basis of my experience.

Hope this helps.

Answered on 12.04.2019.

mrs . Ozenli

Please contact me through whatsapp , I think you have my whatsapp. 

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