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Asked on 14.12.2018.

Dear All Group Members, 

According to your experience , what would be the best emulsifier for soft and hard dough type biscuits ? Is it possible to replace the Lesitin totally in the formulation ? 


Rasika Ekanayake 

Answered on 17.12.2018.

for bisvuit dough the best emulsifier is lecithin sorry.. but ıf u make special biscuit forexample light ..or low fat biscuit.. u can us SSL type powder emulsifiers.. it replaces the fat very well so u can make low fat bisvuit recipes.. and also some dough improver liquid emulsifiers.. they develop the eating quality of biscuit etc..

Answered on 17.12.2018.

Dear Mr Rasika

According to me the best emulsifier is DMG in short dough and hard dough.   If you want to have best bite characteristics in hard dough and fermented dough you can add Datem.

But you should always have at least 0.1% on total dough quantity of lecithin. Because it is best emulsifier and will promote texture development, machinability, dough strechability, and finally good appearance and bite characteristics.  So having little quantity of lecithin is best as now a days for economic reasons fat quantity is less.

If fat quantity goes beyond 20% you can avoid lecithin.

Answered on 17.12.2018.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan & Mrs Ozenili

Thanks for your valuable comments, as you know nowadays lot of commercial brand emulsifiers  available in the market . Do you know the name called Finamul & Dimodan ? If you ever used that  please share your experience. 


Rasika Ekanayake  

Answered on 28.12.2018.

There are two major variants are there in Finamul.  One is finamul 90 and finamul 97

Finamul 90 is Distilled mono glyceride.  This is superior than GMS.  So this can be used in short dough and hard dough upto 0.3% on wheat flour quantity.  But better to be used between 0.2-0.25 where we are sure that we will not get soapy taste during longer shelf life if biscuits stays in the market upto 6months.

Finamul 97 is SSL (Sodium Steryl Lactate) this is also superior emulsifier can be used in Dropped cookies, Wire cut Cookies, hard dough and fermented dough variants.  It works better and you will feel very smooth sheeting in case of hard dough and fermented dough variants.

This both used by me where ever i worked and was excellence results

I do not know about other emulsifier dimoden

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