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Asked on 22.11.2019.
Contact of machine Manufacturer

Please provide me the address of manufacturer for dividing and rounding  machine ,Rotary oven, slicing machine of toast biscuit production.
Answered on 29.11.2019.

Hi Mr Tarik

From Turkey.. u can contact with Sarmasik Group company.. it is good

Answered on 05.12.2019.

you may contact with AL ABD CORPORATION Mr. Habib Anees Pakistan +92-334-8444369 * e.mail <>

Answered on 23.12.2019.

. Hello Mr Tarik. You may communicate with Mr Primoz Trbizan from BTF Company in Slovenia, in terms of all Make Up Units. In terms of Bread Slicing you may contact MECHMASZ Company from Poland, email:

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