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Asked on 03.07.2018.

Chocolate Filling


I am looking some advice  about Chocolate and Jam filled cookies ( co extruded Encrusted ) base on the following point .

1. What characteristics need for the chocolate & Jam ?

2.What kind of instrument need to produced the chocolate ? ( only for filling )

3. Please suggest me the reliable supplier for bake stable Jam ( For Filling purpose ) 

Answered on 16.07.2018.

Dear All Members 

Thanks for all your valuable points ,actually we are not going to used compound chocolate as its high cost in africa, we ordered ball mill system to produce all our fat  base filling using cocoa mass with CBS or CBE fat  .Regarding about the Co extruder supplier from Italy. 

Answered on 18.07.2018.

Respected Mr. Rasika,

I came across a supplier of bake stable jam for filling purpose from Pakistan if you say I can send you his contact and he can send you samples of his jam for trials for encrusted and deposition on cookies both.

Answered on 19.07.2018.

yes i also used ball milling system in a previous company for making such chocolate good decision.

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