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Asked on 29.10.2021.

Cheese Crackers like snack crackers? Suggestion in either the mixing process and  or oven profile?

We are having an issue baking the mini cheese cracker moisture out and and puffing up.  We are looking for a flat cracker like snack crackers. We are currently using an 8 hour fermentation process. We add real cheese and cheese flavoring in the second stage of mixing.We have a 6 zone cracker oven. We have tried many different oven profile with minimal success. I was wondering if there are any suggestion  in either the mixing process and  or oven profile?

Thank You

Accepted answer
Answered on 14.01.2022.

You want make flat cracker ? not puffing ? 

Answered on 02.11.2021.

Hi Stewart

There are multiple potential causes for the problem you describe but it does sound like you have too much heat at the beginning of the bake.    This would cause the puffiness you describe but also form a thick crust which locks in the moisture.  Once a skin has been baked onto the biscuit in the early stages of baking it is difficult to get moisture release in the remainder of the bake.

Good luck 


Answered on 02.11.2021.

Would baking it like a wire cut cookies be more beneficial in your opinion? Low heat in the start gradually increase until peak in the middle then gradually decrease it.

Answered on 02.11.2021.

Hi Stewart

Crackers profile typically will have high heat in the first third of the oven but I would suggest you reduce that heat in this instance.  You are likely to get best result by reduction in top heat.

 If that cures the puffiness issue then you can always increase heat in the middle third to bring the moisture down if still needed.

Answered on 08.11.2021.

Dear Stewart

Yes as our senior colleagues recommended initial top temperature should be less and bottom temperature should be high and difference in top and bottom temperature not more than 20*C to 25*C.  

Secondly you can keep the ammonia level at minimum and dough pH by around 7.  You can use some acidulants like ACP or SAPP to maintain the pH.  If you are maintaining 8hour fermentation and do mixing then mostly dough pH will not increase more than 7 but any way please check and see.  If pH is more than 7 you have chances of getting blowy.  So please check and revert.

Answered on 17.01.2022.

Yes I would like a flat cracker.

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