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Asked on 09.10.2017.

Caramel wafer

what is the best solution for raising of caramel wafer shelf life and be soft in all over its shelf life?

Answered on 12.10.2017.

Dear Anonymous,

Are you considering the dutch syrup waffles?

The trick will be using emulsifiers, humectants and controlling the wateractivity. 

Or you consume them as the dutch: The waffle itself will be quite dry, but we tend to heat them up above a cup of tea or coffee to make them soft again:)

Answered on 14.10.2017.

Dear Jos,

Thanks a lot.

Answered on 27.10.2017.

Try keeping caramel filling water activity below 0,4. As this will make it thicker, you will need some ingredient aid, such as water trapping agents (glycerin, sorbitol..) and a good emulsifier, as Jos said above.

Controlling aw like this will mitigate water migration rate, keeping desired texture for a longer time, for both filling and wafer.

Answered on 18.04.2018.

may be also you can use barrier fat between wafer sheet and caramel also.. but caramel aw must be low 0,4  and includes glycerin in recipe to hold the water migration.

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