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Asked on 10.11.2018.

Method to get open structure in egg less cake

Dear All,

Can any one suggest method to get open structure in egg less cake.  Even if it is slightly dry also ok.  What is the recommended pH to get the above texture.

Answered on 11.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Subramaniam,

You can use cake gel emülsifier.and also use glyserin and sorbitol as a humectant.

Recommended ph value is between 6,5-7

If you have any question please ask me.

Answered on 03.12.2018.

- decrease the density of batter

- increase the cake emulsifiers

-increase the raising agents

- increase the temperature..

- use special egg replacer enzyme mixture. ıf u need these mixture.. ı can advice good enzyme company name..

Answered on 03.12.2018.

Dear Mrs Ozenli

Can you able to refer that enzyme company?

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