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Asked on 21.11.2017.


Any one can suggest how to improve the texture and eating quality in cakes which is made without egg.  

How to bring the texture as same as egg cakes in egg less cakes.  what is the recipe mantra to be followed?

Accepted answer
Answered on 18.04.2018.

to evaluate the batter and product quality of eggless cake under the combination of three types of wheat flours and two types of hydrocolloids including carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and xanthan (Xan). An eggless cake formula was established using whey protein concentrate, soybean oil and emulsifiers to substitute for the protein in egg white and the oil and lecithin in egg yolk. Wheat flour with higher protein content decreased batter viscosity and pH, increased batter‐specific gravity and made eggless cakes with higher water activity, firmness, cohesiveness and resilience, but with lower baking loss, pH and springiness. Eggless cakes with hydrocolloids had higher batter viscosity and specific gravity compared with controls. Xan made cakes with the lowest baking loss and highest water activity and firmness. CMC‐prepared cakes exhibited the lowest firmness but had the highest springiness and resilience. Optimum eggless cakes were made from Xan cake flour and CMC bread flour.

Answered on 23.11.2017.

Try using acid leavenings with different temperatures of action, such as MCP and SAPP, use different water entrapment agents, such as glycerine, sorbitol, propyleneglycol. Focus on the first mixing stage to proper aerate the cream and a good emulsifier or emulsifier mix. Use shortening instead of oil, if possible.

Answered on 08.12.2017.

The eggs help to improve the foaming effect but also softness and structuration with egg proteins. On the market, you can find some specific blend of milk ingredient which can subsitute the foaming effect of eggs and you can also work with sucro ester able to help you in the aerating (in line also with Jose reco about mixing profile).

For texture you also use leavening agent but becareful about colapse , need to adapt viscosity of dough to support development because when you remove eggs, a large % of proteins are lost and decrease capacity to fix development

For softness it differents need to increase fat and use emulsifier which can help to conserve softness and find some agent able to have a strong link with water (fiber - xanthan...). these elements can give you also structuration for the maintain of developpement

Answered on 08.12.2017.

The contribution of egg in cake is multidimensional. The egg yolks have emulsifying action, helping create a smoother batter and more stable air bubbles. In a sponge cake the eggs additionally act as the main leavening agent, helping create and retain the bubbles that will expand during baking. The eggs also add fat, flavor, and color to the cake.

So getting the same taste and mouthfeel is not possible really. Careful selection of ingredients for the typical properties will help.Full cream condensed milk with some emulsifier and glycerin is a good substitute. Some extra mechanical aeration will be required.

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