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Asked on 12.01.2022.

Biscuit formulation

What is the maximum quantity (%) of BRAN we can add in formulating a high fiber biscuit with good volume ?

What are some other ingredients that can be used to add fiber without affecting the volume of biscuit ?

Answered on 14.01.2022.

You can make  rotary moulding  biscuit with only oat bran.  like Dukan type biscuits.. high fiber.  there is no any wheat  flour inside :)


Oat bran 51%(gluten), sweetener (maltitol, isomalt,sorbitol), orange peel (9.3%) vegetable oil (palm), egg, skimmed milk powder, soy flour, milk protein, baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavor (orange). May contain traces of hazelnut, almond and sesame.

Answered on 18.01.2022.

Dear Mr De

Normally you can add BRAN of good quality (minimum particles size) up to 12 to 15% on wheat flour basis.  This is applicable even you do with no added sugar cookies.

Apart from this to claim more fiber quantity per 100gms of final product you can add oats and FOS to the recipe from 5 to 6% on what flour basis and 2 to 3% on wheat flour basis respectively.  If FOS is available in powder form it is added advantage.

Answered on 18.01.2022.

Dear Mr De

I just forgot to tell that above recommendation is for digestive kind of biscuits.  If you want to put in other biscuits or cookies to claim fiber content it is better to start with 8percent and then increase to 10per cent on wheat flour basis.  

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