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Asked on 03.05.2019.

Analyzing biscuits

Dear all,

Anybody that would like to share any thoughts with regards to analyzing methods for biscuits? Mainly on T/A equipment. What do you find most relevant ?

Could be hardness, crispiness, audio test? 


Accepted answer
Answered on 07.05.2019.

To be successful, all of  tests depend upon the integrity of the Texture Analyser and the selection of the correct testing method, the manufacturing precision of the probe or attachment used and the accuracy of the analytical software to provide the results in a clear, concise format.

The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser with its wealth of application methods and the range of over 200 probes and attachments are the result of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment.

Answered on 03.05.2019.

Hi Christian

I have used the Stevens Texture Analyser to measure the tensile strength of Crackers and also Semi-sweet biscuits

Best regards


Answered on 03.05.2019.

Thanks George. What about the three point bend ? Do you know that one? So far i think this one is better than a penetration test?

Br Christian

Answered on 04.05.2019.
Hi Christian

The instrumental methods used for texture analyzing is the Probing Method and the Three-point break; these methods were performed with a Texture Technologies TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer.

The Probing method compared to the Three-point break method showed that more data can be derived from and that it may be more useful in describing the complex texture of biscuits.



Answered on 05.05.2019.

Hello Christian

Depending on the biscuit type, three-point bend method may lack repeatability\reproducibility, sometimes not passing in a statistic measurement system analysis confidence test. You can perform it as an additional control, but it should be complemented with sensorial analysis, as your main quality release method, if your MSA analysis fails for the texture analyzer. 

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