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Asked on 20.01.2020.

Additive in biscuit

After 2/3 weeks of production the vitamin premix smell is perceiving and giving a odd taste feeling. We are using 1% vitamin premix. Can you please suggest a solution ?

Answered on 24.01.2020.

whats is your premix brand? and also premix  carrier? maltodextrin or starch etc..which one.

and also premix vitamin origin is so important.. the quality of the vitamins are so important. if u have still these type off flavour.  I can advice round off flavour usage to cover the off smell.. and alos u can add extra vanilla or suitable flavours.  

Answered on 11.02.2020.

Mr De,

It is only because of flavour.  You need a flavour which take care of vitamin premix smell and until shelf life the flavour should work better to give right mouthfeel

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