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6 answers
While charging / shutting down the oven we require to heat / cool down the oven for sometimes. How to shorten these time loses without affecting the quality of band and oven ?
3 answers
What is gauging? What is two roll pre-sheeter, three and four roll pre-sheeter and how its work? why 2- roll is called pre-sheeter? Is there a difference between gauging and lamination? Actually, I am the student of food science and technology(be...
4 answers
Any one can suggest how to improve the texture and eating quality in cakes which is made without egg.   How to bring the texture as same as egg cakes in egg less cakes.  what is the recipe mantra to be followed?
3 answers
Is there any relationship in the final quality of Biscuits & the fineness of SBC?
1 answer
What is the best equipment configuration for making wire-cut/extruded cookies with high amount (>20%) of chips, without damaging them, at a relatively high speed (>90 cuts per minute)?
8 answers
The prinspel of how to incres and decres of dogh weigt 
3 answers
I am doing a task at school where I have to make and design biscuits.  What packaging techniques would protect the biscuits from breaking
7 answers
What would be ideal mixer type for deposited cookies and why? I have seen factories using Horizontal Mixer and also Planetary mixer but none have been able to explicitly tell me the reason for one over the other. It could a historical thing but it wo...
3 answers
How does the quality of the Biscuits vary / change with melting point or slip melting point of HVF or HVO?
8 answers
I have no experience in biscuit production but want to go into the industry in Nigeria. I will really appreciate if you can guide me STEP BY STEP on how to start. First the kind of equipment required for a SMALL SCALE industry, Staffing, Production P...
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