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Asked on 10.02.2018.
Whole grain laminated biscuit too big in width

I want to use same cutting roll that I have already purchased in a whole grain version of the same laminated biscuit that I already manufacture. Problem is that, due to whole grain, it is nor shrinking enough after cutting to match proper width, no matter how I try to change mixing and dough forming process. Any ideas on how can I achieve the desired width, playing with mixing and forming parameters? I hav already changed mixing time, laying time, water amount, dough temperature, SMS amount, with no satisfactory results at all. Dough has no enzyme of fresh yeast. Changing relative rollers/conveyors speed is not an option at all because the problem is not biscuit length.

Answered on 07.03.2018.

What is the dough temperature?  If it is hard dough type reduce the dough temperature.  Another out of box thinking is increase the bottom temperature of the initial zones.  Keep the difference between top  and bottom temperature at least 25*C.  By all these means you can reduce the width by only by max 2mm.  

You see the cost benefit analysis on changing the cup and wasting the laminate... If changing the cup is cheap then change the cup and finish the laminate. 

Answered on 06.03.2018.

you can only change the lenght of the biscuit. it is so difficult to change the width of biscuit. sorry..

Answered on 06.04.2018.

Dear Jose Carlos Azevedo,

Please apply followings settings in mixing (any setting can do the job these are 3 different settings):

1. Reduce the final stage of mixing 2 to 3 mints after Flour addition (i hope SMS is part of ur recipe i am talking about this mixing stage), idea is not to develop gluten in reducing the mixing time.

2. Reduce the quantity of Enzyme (if its a part of ur recipe) from 10-20 gm 

3. Water decrease and fat decrease are also options but i hope u have tried this one already.

Please share the results with me as well.

Answered on 20.04.2018.

Thanks Jose, I feel this is one of the best question I have seen in this forum.

It is difficult to get the same width with plain as well as with whole grain recipe on the same cutter.
Considering that you have tried all possible techniques as you have mentioned,
I will suggest you to increase the length of the biscuit as much the wrapper can accommodate
and try to get maximum lift in height.Please share your finding.

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