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How to improve a recipe for biscuits for dogs and their shelf-life?

November 11, 2021

Dear Experts,

I am an artisan creating biscuits for dogs (treats) and I am experimenting some recipes.

The plan is to scale up and improve the shelf-life of the products (target set to 12 months) by using adequate Doypack with sealing.

Today, I use a classic oven (convection with fan) and a standard kenwood mixer, when scaling up, I am planning to use a rotary moulder and a rack oven.

I only use organic products and because the biscuits are for dogs, I need limited the sugar.

And I am struggling with the following problems that your expert eyes could probably clarify.

1. Amount of water needed in recipes

To be able to work the dough , I need to add a lot of water... much more of what I see in some formulas.

I already planned to run Moisture and Aw tests with a lab ... but I need some advices before to make sure I am on the good track.

2. Dough consistency when using few/no fat

How to work with dough without sugar/fat ?

3. Time for baking

It seems long to me > 20 minutes


In Baker percentage 

Shapes : Ovale with 38mm long and 30mm width and an height of 6mm

For the mixing, I first mix the dry ingredients (oat flour , spices, coconut shredded...)

The I mix with liquid (not water) like peanut butter, banana ... for 1 minute

I finally add water and mix for 2 minutes

I let the dough rest for 1 minute.

Recipe 1:

Oat Flour : 100

Peanut Butter 35

Banana (Mixed in puree) : 20

Water : 45 (ml)

Temperature of Oven : 180°C (350°F)

Duration : 21 Minutes

I would like to keep this recipe as simple as possible (with less ingredients).

The problem faced is the biscuit is crumbling when you press it with my fingers.

What do you think about proportion ?

What about quantity of water ?

Recipe 2:

Oat Flour : 100

Banana (Mixed in puree) : 28

Coconut shredded : 10

turmeric powder : 1

Vanilla extract : 1 (ml)

Water : 55 (ml)

In this recipe, I don't use Fat and the dough is difficult to work, the reason water must be added.

Temperature of Oven : 180°C (350°F)

Duration : 23 Minutes

Below the duration of 23 minutes, the biscuits is unbaked in the center.

What do you think in general of not using Fat ?

I was thinking about adding coconut oil ?

What do you think about proportion ?

What about the quantity of water ?

Do you think the shelf life of 12 months is reachable using preservative ? 

Any advice or comment please ?
Don't hesitate to challenge me please.

Thank you

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