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Asked on 06.04.2018.

Report about role of dimension of biscuit in biscuit packing

if u have pdf or project report about role of dimension of biscuit in biscuit packing. Then pls send me my no is 9752232236

Answered on 06.04.2018.

Elaborate ur question more Plz 

Biscuit dimension have a role otherwise packing will be not ok 

Answered on 06.04.2018.

No clarity.  What you want --- How to pack biscuit with different dimensions?

Answered on 16.04.2018.

 You can find information . You can download form the file as a pdf I think...

the basic calculations used to determine the film dimensions and flow wrapper configuration can be found in Bosch’s Guide to Flow Wrapping. Feel free to download it under the “Links and Downloads” section on thePack 101 flow wrapper webpage on the Bosch Packaging website.

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