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Asked on 22.10.2018.

Vanilla Cream Filling 2

Hi Biscuit People,

I saw a question here regarding the vanilla cream filling which was answered by Mrs. Beyhan. I've tried her recipe but I resulted in a filling with starchy mouthfeel (I used corn starch). Although I liked the consistency of it. Can you guys suggest a way to reduce the starchy mouthfeel?

In addition to this, I would like to ask if in the industry, does cream fillings really undergo refining process then creaming, in order to have a smoother but volumized mouthfeel? Thanks!

Answered on 30.10.2018.

No need of refining process for creams for biscuits. share a bit more are you using this cream in sandwich biscuits or wafers?

Answered on 31.10.2018.

Dear Mr. Khan,

I will be using this cream filling for sandwich cookies (my target is similar to oreo). However, I am trying to cut the sugar using whey powder or milk powder because the filling is too sweet once placed in the cookies. When I replace some sugar with whey powder, I often have a very rough mouthfeel filling. Aside from this, if I only cream the filling, my filling is way too soft because it is very volumized. 

Now what I did with my filling is I refined it for just a few minutes (around 20 minutes) just to reduce the particle size of the filling then I cream it for around 5 minutes at medium speed (on a mixer). The melting point of the fat that Im using is around 48-52 degC

Answered on 04.11.2018.

are you using emulsifier?

Answered on 08.11.2018.


Please use aerated fat.  If you feel starchy feel reduce the starch and fill the qty with skimmed milk powder.  Please add 0.1% lecithin on total qty of the cream  to smooth the cream texture and machinability.  Now follow this sequence of addition.  Add fat+lecithin+flavour mix it for 5mts at high speed.

next add other ingredients except sugar and mix for 5mts.  After homogeneous mixing you add sugar and mix it for homogeneity.  Now try to taste and give me your feed back.

Answered on 09.11.2018.

Hi Mr. Khan, 

Yes, I do use lecithin in my recipe.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

I've tried your method already, I reduced the starch and replaced it with skimmed milk it was able to reduce the starchy mouthfeel but right now, the mouthfeel of the cream is quite rough? Please see also the attached file. Aside from this kindly check if something is wrong with my recipe:

- Powdered Sugar = 41.68%

- Fat = 28%

- Maltodextrin = 11.00%

- Dextrose = 8.00%

- Skimmed Milk = 7.70%

- Starch = 3.60%

- Flavorings = 0.02%

TOTAL = 100 % + 0.1% lecithin(in weight of cream)

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