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Asked on 16.08.2018.
Swiss rolls
Can some one share some workable formulations of Swiss rolls? With their equipment and process detail as well.

Answered on 17.08.2018.

Dear Mr.Khan,

I am not having composition for swiss roll.  But POLIN manufacturer's of complete swiss roll line can give good solution to this production.  I have seen two places in India working very well One at priya gold biscuits-- Delhi India, and another new factory opened in Tamil Nadu India Here it is latest machine and working very well.  They are giving complete solution.  Just try.  You might be knowing but just sharing my thoughts.

Answered on 17.08.2018.

Dear Mr. Khan 

I have experience with Imaforni from italy in Sri Lanka fro Swiss rolls & Layer cakes , sure I can provide you the basic formulation and process steps. 

Answered on 17.08.2018.

Respected Srinivasan sb thank you for sharing the knowledge. It will be helpful.

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