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Asked on 19.05.2018.
Surface Appearance

How to remove the blister appearance on marie biscuit surface? 

Answered on 21.05.2018.

* DOUGH: Hard dough makes blister. so needs more mixing time or increase the water /sms  to get stable dough.. To make a stable dough is very important

* PROCESS: the mold may be need more docker . the gas in the dough must be thrown away esaily..

* BAKING: Temperature control is essential. For example, if the dough temperature increases too rapidly, the surface of the product will dry before the internal moisture is driven off, resulting in formation of blisters on the surface. ..gentle cooking

Answered on 22.05.2018.

one more technique you can apply to reduce blisters is to press the emboss a little more so that gas expell from dockers more, it is also used to reduce the blisters.

Answered on 20.07.2018.

can u share with me your final dough temperature and the docker dimensions? if it is higher than 45C. it makes.also blister.. do u use cold water at outside of mixer? 

Answered on 19.05.2018.

Try to adjust blisters from mixing first as follows:

Increase ur creaming phase of mixing from 1 to 2 mints and same time reduce in SMS phase addition,

Have you separate phases of mixing dough like as follows:

1. in phase 1 you add all flour, shortening, sugar and other materials except SMS this time is normally 4 to 5 mints u can increase this time 1 to 2 mints.

2. In 2nd phase you add SMS and give mixing from about =6-10 mints depending upon ur flours.

You can revise your mixing sequence in 3 phases for proper homogeneous mix as follows:

1.1st phase shortening+sugar+all other ingredients except flour and SMS mix time 4-5 mints.

2. 2nd phase add flour in above cream and mix time 2-3 mints.

3. 3rd add SMS and mix 7-10 mints depend upon ur flour conditions.

2nd you can increase 3 to 5 kg liquid fat and see the result.

Reduce some top burners temperature as as well in Start DGFs.

apply it and share ur feedback i hope ur problem will be resolved.

Answered on 24.05.2018.

The Factors that affect for the blisters .

1. Dispersion of leavening chemicals 

2. Dough consistency

3.Dough release from the final gauge role.

4. Docker impression

5. Humidity of the 1st Zone 

6 Temperature profile    

Answered on 31.05.2018.

Pl check following

1. Blisters due to chemicals not dissolved properly or chemical lumps must the there

2. Blisters due to very hard flour and gluten is not maligned properly and creating blisters while baking.

3. Blisters due to less humidity in the initial zones.

How to crack.

1.  Take wheat flour with dry gluten percentage around 10-11% and sedimentation value between 17-20.  

2.  SMBS level 70gms per 100kgs of dough and resting time should be around 30-40mts.

3.  Pl ensure that if you are adding chemicals directly then see that there is no lumps in that.

4.  Best is to do the creaming with fat,sugar, flav, water, and other ingredients.  Once homogeneous phase attained add wheat flour and mix it for one minute.  Then add smbs by making as 10% solution then complete the mixing at mixer rpm of 40.

5.  Give standing or resting time of around 30-40mts.  (here resting time means before you are loading in laminator)  once it is loaded rollers started working on the same so standing time should be there for dough in truck to relax and smbs to work to malign the gluten for our process.  This you can reduce after studying 

5.  Now ensure that enough docker pins are there in Marie.  Docker pins should cover outer and inner dia of the biscuit.

6.  Ensure in the oven top and bottom temperature difference of 20*c in initial zones and steam outlet is completely closed in first three zones.

7.  Ensure that rubber roller hardness is ok (70-80mho) and docker pins are clearly visible.  If you take the wet biscuit and kept against light you must be able to see the light in all the holes.

Now still blisters are there then increase the SMBS level and try.

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