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Asked on 04.11.2018.

Sugar grinding mill for sandwich cream preparation

Please let me know the availability of  sugar grinding mill for sandwich cream preparation with following requirements

1) Fineness of  the powdered sugar appoximatly 100  micrones

2) Temperature just after grinding should be less than 36 centigrade

3) Out put 1000 kg/hour

Answered on 06.11.2018.
You can contact Pneucon Powders they will provide you as per your requirements.
Answered on 08.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Vinoy,

Pl contact KAPS ENGINEERING Pune India.  They have good grinders for your requirement.  In my experience they are giving best sugar grinders for 200micron size with output of more than 1200kgs per hour.  And dust generation also minimized with proper dust collection system.

Answered on 04.12.2018.

pls contact that company pls

ALDAY machınery from Turkey

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