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Asked on 19.12.2019.
semolina biscuits


I would like to produce a vegan biscuit on short dough machinery made with less sugar, using fruit paste and (corn) semolina. Hand kneaded I get a more or less processable dough, but when mixed in a spiral mixer I can't get any consistency in the dough. Is this easy to solve?
Thank you in advance and wish you all a happy end of the year ;-).

Answered on 23.12.2019.

Hi Frans. It would be very helpful to identify the percentages upon 100 kgr of Flour of Sugar and Fat in order to define the area within Short Dough formulation within which the certain percentages are lying. Knowing the latter would help us identify the Percentage of Water needed for a Short Dough Formulation.

Generally speaking hydration rate of Semolina Corn would be far slower owing to each Coarse nature, therefore I would suggest to increase the Miixng Time allowing proper hydration.

Answered on 23.12.2019.

Hi Frans;

in short dough there is no so much glute development..but need a little for processable.. so the mixing time after adding flour is important ... not so much development of gluten.. but need a little development.. u can check it with your fingers... the dough has not to be sticked your finger

may be u can increase your water quantity to get little gluten development

good luck.

happy new year


Answered on 18.01.2020.

Hi Mr Fran,

Pl note that spiral mixer will not avoid gluten development.  Pl use sigma type or planatory  mixer and get the consistency.  Mostly spiral mixer is used for kneading action rather than mixing action.  so please change the mixer and see how it is coming....

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