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Asked on 13.05.2018.

semisweet biscuits

how to make semisweet biscuits-- fibre rich? i m not getting apt texture.

biscuits are pretty hard.

Accepted answer
Answered on 14.05.2018.

For texture setting you can try following settings each is different setting:

1. you can add sodium bicarbonate it will make biscuit a bit soft texture ( a small % of sodium bicarbonate)

2. Use medium gluten flour gluten not more than than 9%, u can use combination of two flours

3. Few people also try a % of Oil with shortening you can try according to permission of ur RND Team

4. try a bit higher SMS as u using previously only small quantity u can increase

Answered on 15.05.2018.

To solve hardness:

- increase the fat content

- decrease the sugar content

- decrease the gluten content of flour.

- increase the raising agents.. amonium  and carbonate acid combination

- more mixing

- you can use protease enzyme and resting time

- increase the water content to get softer dough but machinable adjust waetr content pls.

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