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Asked on 26.11.2018.

What type and combination of rubber should be used in rotary moulder rubber roller?

What type and combination of rubber should be used in rotary moulder rubber roller and cutting line rubber roller? Give any standard references please. 

Answered on 26.11.2018.

Hi Manohar,

Standard Shore hardness is 70.

In some countries a dual hardness roller is favoured.   This would be inner at 40 (17mm thick) and outer 70 (6mm thick) .   It is claimed that the dual hardness combination is better for more intricate patterns but in my personal experience I think there is no difference.   Standard 70 works fine.



Answered on 03.12.2018.

ıf u can review that article which is written by Mr George W Wright..

u can find your question's aswer..

The rubber pressure roll, may be of a dual shore hardness, i.e. relatively soft in the inside and firm on the outside. If of a single composition, then check the shore hardness against supplier’s specification, e.g. 65. If excess pressure is applied to the rubber extraction roll to aid dough piece release for a long duration, then in conjunction with oil ingression from the dough, there will be some softening of the rubber. You should measure the shore hardness around the circumference and across the width, taking readings in several positions on the surface of the roll.

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