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Asked on 07.04.2018.

Role of dimension of biscuit in product packaging

hello everyone this is Rohit Agrawal I am a student of 8th semester Btech(food tech) and currently I am doing my project from parle biscuit pvt ltd.My project topic is Role of dimension of biscuit in good quality products and it' variation with product packaging so anyone have idea that how to make or how to start the project and what matter should be considered .Anyone have new idea or strategy about dimension of biscuit so plz help me for complete my project.plz

Answered on 08.04.2018.

Dear Rohit plz consider follows:

1. when you decide new wrapping materials you consider the cut of length and width of wraper according to your biscuits dimensions. you keep a little margin in ur wrapping limits as there are variations in biscuit dimensions. if these variations are higher above ur acceptable limits u cant pack in ur wrapping material u have to discard that out of spec dimension biscuits. one key term which is used in deciding the wrapping materiel is KEY LINES. you can research it or can discuss with RND/QC personnel how they decide Key lengths.

2. 2nd study how these dimensions in biscuits/cookies/crackers, you will find considerable difference in their dimensions variations during processing due to different nature of materials. You can include that study in ur project.

We can say biscuit dimensions have a key role in good packaging otherwise you will end up in product discard, improper packaging, bad shaped packs, loose or over tight packs, not fitting of packs into dispensers and those dispensers not fit into cartons bulge, short filling of biscuits in packs. so u have to keep ur dimensions of biscuits under limits. inspte of dimensions u have to keep ur stack height of biscuits under limits, in case of round biscuits u have to keep the diameter of ur products into limits.

Take above factors into ur study.

Answered on 14.04.2018.

Biscuit dimension is important for the quality of biscuit as it contributes towards formation, transfer and baking. Also depends on the type of biscuit and the recipe.
The individual mass has to be kept in mind to get the desired baking ( time and temperature).
Design should be uniform and simple for uniform heat transfer throughout the body of the biscuit.
For rectangular design, length:width is important.

For good wrapping the dimension is playing a very important role.
During wrapping the biscuit pieces should be stable with minimum disturbance from its position while on machine.
Strength ( also a factor of length, breadth, height) of the biscuit is important to withstand the high speed machinability.
Edge of biscuit ( design) is important to get minimum disturbance during wrapping.
Width and cut off length of wrapper is important to hold the wrapped biscuits in position.

For final packaging in outer carton etc. important factors are,
Orientation of biscuit inside the final pack, orientation of smaller packs inside outer carton, total weight of the final carton etc. are all depends on the initial variety and design of individual biscuit piece.

Answered on 24.04.2018.

Dear Mr.Rohit,

You asked how to start the project.  If you are in the factory to do the project following steps you can take and start the project.

Objective:  Your objective should be how the dimension plays a major role in processing a biscuit dough right from mixing ingredients to packing the product.  In each stage of process viz.  mixing, manufacturing , baking, and packing how the dimensions to be taken care and see that process is end with targeted dimension as per packing we expect.

How to go about the project.

1.  Pl check the dimension of the end product.  Say 25*45(W*L) rectangular short dough biscuit.  

2.  Decide the weight for the above product and what is the sku level you want to pack.

3.  what is the tolerance you thing you can achieve with available infrastructure in the plant or what ever the project.

4.  Do pilot trials with recipe and find out the chemicals, mixing time, baking time and baking temperature with designed mould.  (If you give the final biscuit size mostly mould manufacturer's will give cups to suit your dimensions of the biscuit.  Here spread ratio is very important for short dough variants and shrink ratio required for hard dough variants.

5.  Now you need to take care of chemicals added with dough, moulding machine setting, oven setting, baking time, cooling etc. etc.,

6.  For packing you have to share the tolerance level and dimension of the biscuit, and preferred SKU level with packaging people and they have capabilities to give you key line diagram.  Once you are able to see and appreciate the KLD then they will give the art work for the particular SKU.  Then wrapper is made and packing done.

7.  Remember dimension of the biscuit will change from the decided dimension if 

In mixing stage if you alter chemicals, mixing time, addition of ingredients, temperature of the dough and standing time

In manufacturing stage if you alter the moulding machine setting, sheeting setting or web speeds your dimension will change

In baking if you alter profile the dimensions will change

if the biscuit not released properly from moulder or end nose plate at oven end the dimension will change.

If you take care all these things you can pack as per your decision on dimensions.

Answered on 16.05.2018.

Biscuit dimesion is set base on the product value equation. I mean yuo make an offer to certain customers that you need to deliver.  I.e. if biscuit is bite size, if is to share, if is is packaged in bags , trays, etc. 

so I think you need to precise you project in the specific kind of biscuit you are studing and understand how dimension is related to quality. The the point is how your raw ingredients, process control helps you to have the right product dimension under certain range. It is possible to achive right result as long as the target is set properly

Each kind of products has different spread and variation during baking, i.e.wire cut spreads more than rotary moulding.  When packaing system are set up, needs to consider the variation of the product specially if there is automatic feeding systems.

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