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Asked on 03.08.2018.
Replacement for INS102

Is there any replacement for color INS 102?

Recently I saw INS 102 is bad for health

Answered on 03.08.2018.

Hi Ritam,

You can try natural color annatto, paprika or beta carotene or combinations. I hope this helps. I can provide tecnical solutions for your biscuit business. Contact to

Answered on 03.08.2018.

instead of tartrazine yellowish color. u can use many alternatives. for example chr hansen colorfruit series

Answered on 04.08.2018.

Hi Ritam 

You can used beta carotene , Turmeric or Curcumin & Lutein ( It is related to beta-carotene) . In my experience most of the natural colours are oil soluble, so think which application that you going to used . 

Answered on 04.08.2018.

I think Mr.Roberto given the right guide line

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