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Asked on 01.07.2018.

Regarding the recipe.

Hello great people. My biscuit company is in Nepal. Here the price of biscuit matters more than the quality. So i was wondering if you guys can help me by sending some cheap recipe of biscuits and wrapper. My mail address is =,

Accepted answer
Answered on 04.07.2018.

I agree all people.. u have to optimize your production. If your product quality is not good. U can not sell.. so what? The cheap recipes also dont solve your problems..

But still u need cheap recipes.. plz contact me. I can share some. Dont worry..

Answered on 02.07.2018.

Hi Anil 

First of all you should have to give attention about your target market and base on that you have to arrange the formulation. Then select the best suppliers who can supplies the good materials with lower price . 

The main point is you must need to know , how to get the maximum profit when doing production , its not only related to the recipes,  its overall process Unit Cost of the Materials ( Raw & Packaging Materials )  ,Type of machine and Equipment ,Equipment OEE , Labor Idling , Factory Overhead Cost,   Process Method  , Energy and etc. will affect your final products cost. In my suggestion before you asking the cheap recipes,beter to check what is the current cost that you have and how to reduce it without touching the formulation that you are running now. 

According to my experience , most of the factories like  try to adjust the formulation, without considering the other factors that affecting to the direct processing cost, will going to lose the consumers. 

So keep on your mind as universal basic . Process Control is Quality Control & Quality Control is Cost Control . So you have to give first your attention to the process Control.

Answered on 02.07.2018.

Hi Anil

It is not just the matter of recipe. Other factors related with Equipment and process control have a lot to do with quality and cost effectiveness of biscuits. 


Answered on 02.07.2018.

Agree with Mr. Rasika in this regards. All supply chain is contributing towards your profit margins.

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