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Asked on 29.06.2018.

Regarding the shelflife

Hello great people. I have a biscuit company in Nepal. But the biscuits is getting soft after a month of packaging. Though its life is 6-8 months. So is there any chemical i can use to increase its shelf life?

Accepted answer
Answered on 04.07.2018.

Plz first of all explain your biscuit type?  Plain or filled one? If filled one.. is it watef based or fat based etc ? 

What is your final moisture content of biscuit?

Can u share your packaging material? Material quality? Layers? Cold seal or hot seal .

Is you packing machine is ok? Hermetic sealing? 

And your recipe is so important. The liquip syrup content percentage ?  Fructose. Invert or glucose ? 

If you answer my question and contact me.. I will help u..

Answered on 29.06.2018.

Dear Mr.Anil 

As explained Mr.Khan there are so many situations and control points you need to check.

1.  Pl check the moisture at your packing hall.  It should not be more than 2% in any case.

2.  Biscuits should not be kept in trays without any environment control.

3.  If you taken care of above points coming to wrapping materials please check the OTR and WTR of the wrapper and compare with metalized wrapper.

4.  Major point is if more surface area of the biscuit is exposed to atmosphere, like tikipack or canteen pack where biscuit is packed flat will require more OTR and WTR resistant.  The best materials is 20micron metlaised BOPP and laminated to heat sealble BOPP 20micron or CPP 20micron.

5.  If you are having high speed packing machine please check with laminate supplier which one wrapping materials is suitable.  They will tell.  

6.  In short first take care of physical control like baking time, baking speed for moisture control then packing discipline like online packing and controlled atmosphere packing.  If these are ok then consider changing the packing machine.  Also see that how much surface area is open to atmosphere when it is kept in the market and accordingly change the packing materials which hold the environment differences. 

Answered on 30.06.2018.


In addition of what has been commented, check if too much inverted syrup or high fructose corn syrup is being used in your recipe. Those contains reducing sugars which are more prone to keep or attract the moisture. Do not use more than 10% of total sugars as reducing sugars. This only will help in addition of having proper packaging film and sealing according to the net wight vs film area and the atmosphere conditions where the product will be distribute (temperature and moisture).

Follows a link of a company that sell a sealing tester.

I hope this helps.



Answered on 29.06.2018.

If we consider shelf life you have to give more concern about baking and sealing 

Keep biscuit moisture about 1.0 - 1.5 for hard dough and about 2.0 for crackers  and give very good sealing by proper packing materials (metalized wrapper or etc.) 

Answered on 29.06.2018.

Hi Anil,

if product is getting soft it means it has high moisture contents or its packaging is not good.

share the type of product and moisture contents after baking? in packaging materials there could be two main possibilities there may be seal leak or cut on wrapper which is not identified during packaging and product is sent to market where it is getting moisture.

if ur product moisture is within range 1-2 % ideally then your baking is ok. then it means there is problem in packaging material or seal leak. for seal leak you need to check you product seal leakage test. check the product seal test in water test and adjust ur machines accordingly. if product seal is ok in water based test u dont need to change wrapping materails. check wrapper on didffernt machines. 

share ur feedback then we will see it.

Answered on 30.06.2018.

Hi Anil

First of all as both Mr. Khan & Sirinivansan explain , Ithink definitely you have the problem of the baking and packing area . You must give more attention about your baking profile of all your products , as low moisture content( 1- 2 %) enhances the keeping qualities of the biscuit. .     

The second point is packaging , try to pack all the production at the same time,instead of keep in the plastics crates. Incase if you used  plastics crates depending on your packing machine capacity,its must be covered well without contamination of of outside environment.if you are using separate area for keep your unpack biscuits  you should used warm air with low relative humidity as that type of air has the greatest water holding and water removing capacity.

Try to used online leak detection method to ensure about your package sealing according to the standard. 

The 3rd point is the packaging materials , its will depend on your  final products storage condition and your country environment . Using a cheaper low moisture barrier film here would be the wrong way to economize.In high-humidity environments, the barrier properties of most standard packaging films are insufficient for a long shelf life. If you keep biscuits something like 8 months, I suggest you must used the  Ultra-High Barrier Packaging Films . 

Answered on 03.07.2018.

Hi Anil,

Can u plz inform is it plain or sandwitch biscuit?

-For sandwitch , need to control Aw lowest and should be same for both Cream and dough.

-Next plz check Film characteristics, it should be high barrier film with good sealling quality.

-After baking, environment of cooling area should be as low possible as just baked biscuit should emit all steam in the environment and shoould bot be retained in boscuit.As if it retained,it will emit after wrapping/packing and cause sogginess .

-Please check coooing time of biscuits after oven.Means before wrapping, biscuit temperature should be ambient.If it is not, u mist increase cooilng time by slowing conveyour speed and packing machines.

-If it is sandwitch, plz use humectant to match Aw.

-If it is sandwitch, plz do not overbake biscuit,means if Aw of dough will be low, moisture from cream can migrate from cream and can cause sogginess.



Answered on 20.07.2018.

if you dont use right packaging material.. it will be problem. if u want I can share packaging  expert with u.. he can advice the best material parameter for u 

Answered on 26.07.2018.

Hi Anil did ur problem resolved or still any confusion you can further ask if any issue 

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