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Asked on 28.09.2018.

Regarding : Less Invert syrup usage in biscuit making

Hello every one,

Now a days a trend is going on Biscuit industry that less usage of Invert syrup,Due to its Carciogen impact like Alkalamide (which comes from the reaction from amino acids and Maillard reactions "Reducing sugars".

so i want to ask question that if we use invert syrup what is the side effect on health.

Answered on 28.09.2018.

In my experience there is not a straight answer to your question ( side effects on health) due this depends on many factors, i.e. how much pH of the product, amount of total sugars, formulation , how much product is consumed , etc. Acrylamide is formed by the reaction of sugars and an aminoacid from proteins and there are options to mitigate the amount of acrylamide formed in the product.

As all we might know consuming too much sugar might be harmful for heath , but we can not qualify invert syrup as bad but explain that as many other things we need to balance our diet and maintain physical activity.  Invert syrup contains fructose (sugar from the fruit) and dextrose , of course the concentrations and amount consumed needs to be considered as in the fruit there a low concentrations and in the syrup typically they are higher.  Invert syrup is in other hand beneficial for some product characteristic (freshness in particular). So I hope my answer helps to explain. If need further details do not hesitate in send an email. Thanks 

Answered on 29.09.2018.

Compounds produced during Maillard Reaction have both positive and negative effects on health, e.g., Anti-oxidative and Antibiotic & Carcinogenic effects. The Maillard Reaction compounds acts as Antioxidants, Bactericidal Antiallergenic, Anti-browning, Pro-oxidants, and Carcinogens. But it was reported that Carboxymethyl Lysine (CML) promote diabetes and Cardiovascular disease while Acrylamide acts as carcinogen. The extent of formation of all these Maillard Reaction compounds depends on the various process conditions and parameters. The effect of these complex compounds on human health depends on the concentrations of the individual compounds present in the final products.

As a general rule, the longer the half‐life of a protein, the larger the amounts of its Maillard compounds are formed. The strong dependence of CML formation on oxidative conditions together with the increased occurrence of CML in diabetic serum and tissue proteins suggest a role for CML as endogenous biomarker for oxidative damage.

Acrylamide formation is closely linked to food composition, factors such as the presence of sugars and availability of free amino acids.

Further studies are needed to distinguish between chemically identified harmful and health‐beneficial Melanoidins. Specific health effects have yet to be linked to chemically distinct Melanoidins. New scientific knowledge will help to clarify whether or not there is a risk to human health from the consumption of foods containing low amounts of acrylamide.

Answered on 29.09.2018.

in my view there may be smaller effects of invert syrup usage but not so much side effects that we start using less or eliminate its use. it is very cheap source as compared to normal sugar effects on biscuits that you get from invert syrup. If properly made with right PH and other parameters it is ok. 

As Mr. Roberto Pineda I agree with him in later part of his discussion that harmful is sugar as well that we use. 

Answered on 01.10.2018.

I broadly agree with previous answers and if the concern is mainly on acrylamide the link below provides some informative reading on acrylamide

Answered on 02.10.2018.


yes of course there are so many bad explanation of invert syrup usage on bakery industry.. I have so many experince of acrylamide subject. especially I have made so many trials for decreasing acrylamide value in baby and kids biscuits

but it is not the only problem caused from invert syrup.. there are so many reasons..

in invert syrup , it is 50% glucose %50 fructose.. and human body mechanism knows only glucose consumption for energy . so fructose especially problem..

but in bakery industry invert or fructose syrup consuption is so huge amount. it is very cheap raw material and give good color..

and also the origin of invert sugar is important for example is it from beetroot or corn. u know GMO is important. especially corn sometimes has GMO problem.. but u can use non GMO form of these syrups etc.

ıf u want I can share some extra acrylamide mechanism documents for u..

Answered on 05.10.2018.


After reading Mr.John Blair link it is better to reduce the invert syrup level as far as possible to reduce the addition of acrylamide into our body system so that carcinogenic effects are reduced.  It is not good to eliminate the entire syrup as it has some commercial value to make biscuits but we can reduce the qty where is we can give good and healthy biscuits.  

If we start eliminating some ingredients for this kind of remote health reasons, and some ingredients for cost effect and some ingredients for legal issue how to make biscuits or bakery items.

In some countries and some places it is mentioned that MSG added for the taste purpose but consumer to decide to take the food of his choice.  MSG also known  carcinogenic ingredient.

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